9 May 2018

Going sky high

With Maidstone volunteer Bill doubling up as tour guide and bus driver, the community enjoyed a scenic journey through Mount Dandenong to SkyHigh restaurant.

The group marvelled at the spectacular views at the top, and Aris and Garry discussed how far they were from the city.

After wandering the beautiful Autumn gardens, the group took a visit to the maze and stopped to take some snaps.

They also stopped to admire the many hidden secrets that the garden holds, including Percy Possum’s House, the Giant’s Chair and the Australiana Tree.

After an afternoon of sight-seeing, a hot pie was the group consensus on what to have for lunch which was the perfect warming dish.

The trip was filled with great reminiscing for the group who chatted along the way about times they had visited the area in the past.

Wendy said she had been to the area with her family when she was a young girl, and Aris and his brother used to walk through the area.

Arcare Aged Care Maidstone Sky High 2 Jpg
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