8 July 2020

Graeme and Ron, the best of friends at Arcare Kanwal

Graeme and Ronald are the best of friends at Arcare Kanwal and you will often find them participating in a variety of exciting activities.

They are constantly reminding each other of upcoming lifestyle activities and even do their best to attend them together.

‘I wouldn’t remember a thing without him!’ Ron shared.

Outside of activities, they spend their leisure time together by getting some sun while watching the ducks and birds near the pond.

Graeme and Ron especially enjoy having a beer at Happy Hour or using their hands to build and work on a variety of projects at Men’s Group.

They also engage in some friendly competition over a game of Snooker on a daily basis.

Graeme and Ron truly enjoy having a laugh together, messing around and poking fun at each other.

‘We are truly the best of mates,’ Graeme said.

Since meeting in late January, their friendship has blossomed and they have been inseparable.

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