20 November 2019

Grandparents Day

On Sunday 27th of October, Arcare Surrey Hills celebrated National Grandparents Day in conjunction with the Florence Road Kindergarten. Grandparents, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren alike, had a wonderful afternoon together filled with good food, games, laughter, and an hour-long information session from Backyard Honey.

Some families chose to enjoy the delicious Devonshire tea that was on offer at the café, while others decided to test their family’s competitive sides by playing a game of mini-golf, Jenga, or giant ten-pin-bowls.

University students, Claudia Scidone and Brooke Hanlon, had recently completed some community service at the residence, and they kindly volunteered to oversee the face-painting corner. Soon there many butterflies and spiders emerging on the faces of those throughout the residence. A few, tried to convince their great grandparents to have their faces painted, but alas they weren’t so keen.

Peter Dyer, a local apiarist from Backyard Honey, visited the community, complete with a Perspex covered bee hive. Peter encouraged everyone to come up and have a look at the beehive, while gaining an insight into the life of bees. Members of the audience were able to ask questions, learning lots of fun facts along the way. Peter provided the community with a thorough overview of beekeeping, as well as how to care for and assist with the sustainability of bees in the local community. To wind things up, Peter offered everyone the opportunity to taste some of the local honey, which has been produced by their bees. After the tasting, many chose to purchase their products for gifts for friends and family.

After the bees had safely been packed away, 99-year-old resident, Ligorio D’Souza and his 14 year-old granddaughter entertained the crowd with a number of duets on the harmonica and flute.

Everyone agreed it was a well-spent afternoon, and a wonderful way of bringing the different generations together.Arcare Aged Care Surrey Hills Grandparents Day 2Arcare Aged Care Surrey Hills Grandparents Day 2019

Arcare Aged Care Surrey Hills Grandparents Day 1

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