10 December 2019

Gunner turns 99

Gunner (Wolfe) Lewis was born in Western Australia on 6th December 1920.

Gunner is very proud of his family’s strong Jewish heritage, and he made the brave decision in 1943, to enlist in the Army, to fight in WWII.

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Gunner described the war as a constant state of “Kill or be killed”, saying that “I joined up as a boy, and came back a man…”. Despite the overwhelming emotions and memories associated that are inevitably with the war, Gunner maintains that he is extremely proud of what he achieved in WWII, especially because of his Jewish heritage.

Currently residing within the Arcare Caulfield community, Gunner is known for his friendly and confident nature, some would even refer to Gunner as a being a bit of a larrikin.

On Friday 6th December, the Arcare Caulfield community threw an intimate birthday celebration for Gunner, with team members, Gail and Sudesh presenting him with a delicious cream birthday cake at lunchtime.

Gunner’s family and friends visited him throughout the day, bringing him presents and many cards to read. Gunner smiled as he reflected on the kind words and well wishes.

In the afternoon the lifestyle team had organised a special happy hour concert spectacular. Two premium house seats were reserved in the front row, especially for Gunner and his plus one, for them both to enjoy the performance. Gunner relished all the attention he was getting on his special birthday, as many clients came up to him to wish him Happy Returns.

The Arcare Caulfield community would like to wish Gunner a very happy 99th birthday.

Gunner is already looking forward to his 100th birthday next December, saying, “I’ll see you all at my big party next year!” 

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