28 October 2019

Having a snake around your neck at Arcare Slacks Creek

Most people are afraid of all lizards and snakes, but not the clients at Arcare Slacks Creek!

For Reptile Day, lifestyle coordinator Josie arranged for a local reptile educator to come into the residence with their assortment of reptiles.

As they came into the lounge room, many clients were amazed at the variety of animals and how big some of them were!

As they went around the room, there were lots of oohs and ahhs as everyone wanted to get a closer look.

Some clients were even brave enough to hold and stroke our reptile visitors!

Client Noel went even further by volunteering to have the big snake placed around his neck!

Thankfully, the snake was very gentle and calmly nestled itself into Noel’s hands.

During this whole experience, Noel comfortably sat in his wheelchair with this new pet snake.

“This big fella is mine now! I can scare people with my new pet.” Noel joked.

He also gave a big kiss to one of the bearded dragons!

Besides seeing and touching the animals, the clients also loved hearing about the lovely creatures’ habits, diets and behaviours.

This reptile experience was a great way for some of the clients to step out of their comfort zones.

While for some, it brought back a lot of memories of childhood pets and their love for animals.

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