14 October 2019

Having a tea-riffic time decorating teapots at Arcare Slacks Creek

Armed with beads, stickers and all sorts of embellishments, the clients at Arcare Slacks Creek were in for a tea-riffic time of teapot decorating.

Many of the clients at the Slacks Creek aged care residence enjoy drinking tea during all hours of the day.

So what better way to celebrate all things tea than by decorating a one-of-a-kind teapot?

Lifestyle coordinator Josie had arranged a new teapot decorating activity as part of the residence’s monthly activities calendar.

A few clients who were interested in expressing their creative side also joined in this new activity.

Josie obtained a number of simple, undecorated teapots and a few colourful acrylic gems in various shapes and sizes.

It was such a simple yet fun activity that enabled the clients to try something new and create a personalised teapot they can actually use daily.

This arts and crafts activity also gave the clients some inspiration for their next family activity.

As they decorated their teapots, they excitedly chatted about decorating more teapots with their family and grandchildren!

Being able to express their creativity not only improves their confidence and stimulates the brain, but it also benefits their social connections with others.

The variety of workshops, activities and events at our aged care residence in Slacks Creek provides plenty of opportunities for the clients to make friends and chat about their lives.

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We are always on the lookout for more volunteers at our aged care residences. From hosting workshops to 1-on-1 conversations, volunteers bring a sense of community and purpose to our residences.

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