17 September 2019

Having fun with the children from Canossa Kindergarten

Clients from Arcare Taigum were specially invited to Canossa Kindergarten in Coorparoo for a morning tea visit.

Clients Renie, Thelma, Margaret, Colleen and Maureen were treated to a delicious morning tea array of scones, savoury tarts, chocolate cake and various slices.

The children even performed their morning assembly songs for us and it was lovely to hear their angelic and enthusiastic voices.

Before our visit, the children had been very busy with making necklaces and cards as gifts for the clients.

What a sweet and thoughtful gesture it was! The clients will treasure these mementos with all their hearts.

After being presented with gifts, the older children in the blue room who are going to Prep next year, also brought us along on a classroom tour to showcase their gorgeous artwork and offer detailed explanations of what each artworks meant.

Then, we ventured into the impressive playground area and watched in wonder as the children displayed boundless amounts of energy.

Maureen had been a pre-school teacher at Sandgate during her younger years so this trip to Canossa Kindergarten really brought back many wonderful memories for her.

Overall, we were thoroughly spoilt with the children’s gifts and were very impressed with their good behaviour and polite manners.

The children referred to the clients as “grand-friends” which we all found adorable.

“It is so good for the soul to be surrounded by the children,” Renie commented.

As it was time to leave, the children came to watch us boarding the Arcare bus and were very impressed with how the wheelchairs were lifted up onto the back of the bus by the mechanical hoist.

The entire school even stood at the entrance to wave us goodbye!

We had so much fun and will definitely be back to visit our new friends on a regular basis.

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