30 April 2021

Homestyle cooking with Chef Mario at Arcare Helensvale St James

Residents in our Arcare Helensvale St James community are enjoying homestyle cooking with Chef Mario.

Bringing in his previous experience at restaurants and hotels, Mario has encouraged residents to share their family recipes and team members to share their signature desserts.

During their Cooking Demonstrations, Resident Phyllis has shared her family’s traditional Johnnycake recipe. While Mario also shared the secret recipe to his delicious Italian donuts.

“To me, it’s about remembering home and savouring home-cooked food once again,”

Mario’s approach not only encompasses his culinary creations, but his personal interactions with the residents too.

“I am very client-focussed; my favourite part is chatting to our guests and tailoring our menu to suit them,”

“Arcare Helensvale St James is their home, but when they enter the dining room, my team and I create a dining experience for them,”

From Continental Breakfast to Croquembouche at their weekly showpiece, residents are enjoying 5-star dining with a personal touch.

Mario has been in our Arcare community for seven months and he has settled in well.

His kitchen is full of activity and he is always on his feet, preparing meals, planning showpieces and coming up with new recipes and ideas.

He also encourages his team and apprentices to have a go at creating their own desserts.

“I love working for Arcare as a chef as I get to cook for people who really enjoy and are grateful for the meals we create,”

For lunch today, his guests will enjoy slow-cooked lamb shanks and fish cakes with mango salsa.

And as lunch time approaches, Mario and his team of ten line up their trolleys with food and get ready to serve up delicious, homestyle cooking.

homestyle cooking homestyle cooking