28 June 2019

Hooked on her handy Breezie tablet at Arcare Taigum

Keeping up with family and the latest technology can be a challenge for some clients. But at Arcare Taigum, Pam is a regular and confident user of her Samsung Breezie tablet.

Pam was hesitant about learning how to use her Samsung Breezie tablet and she used to say, “I won’t ever need to use that at my age!”

But when her son, Ian decided to go on a long tour around Australia, she was persuaded to learn about e-mails and keeping in touch through her tablet. Ian told Pam he would keep in touch with her by writing blogs on his trip and e-mailing her.

And guess what? Pam is now hooked on her e-mails and eagerly waits to find out where Ian is.

Ian started travelling a year and a half ago and it was supposed to be a short trip but he decided he was enjoying himself so much, he retired from his teaching job.

Ian is a keen fisherman and sends Pam pictures of the fish he catches and how he cooks them.

Pam is hearing about all his travels through the towns along the West Coast of Australia and the Northern Territory.

Now, Pam efficiently types up her replies and is able to to write e-mails to other friends and family members.

Getting the courage to try something new can be tricky. But for Pam, she overcame her doubts by simply giving it a try. And now, she loves her Breezie tablets.

Technology is truly helping to give seniors like Pam an improved quality of life through increased connectivity and a sense of community.

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