3 December 2019

Inclusive wheelchair swing for Mary near Arcare Taigum

“Hi ho silver!” were Mary’s first words as she got onto the wheelchair swing.

The park opposite Arcare Taigum stands out from other parks with its special inclusive feature.

The lifestyle team from Arcare Taigum received the key to the swing this week and they did not hesitate to bring client Mary Carey to the park to try it out.

Mary had an amazing time and said she could stay on the swing all day!

“This is wonderful! The swing has brought back many memories for me. As a kid, you would always find me on the swings,” she said.

For children and adults in wheelchairs, this swing is life-changing for them as they get to enjoy the facilities and relive their childhood memories.

A simple swing may not mean much to others, but it means the world to Mary.

This wheelchair swing will also greatly benefit many other wheelchair clients from Arcare Taigum and from the local community.

It is not only safe, fun and easy to use; it is also very therapeutic for anyone who uses it.

The comforting feeling of going back and forth on a swing and feeling the wind brush past as you soar into the air is a cherished feeling for many.

It is wonderful to see that local playgrounds nowadays are becoming more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

“Seeing the joy on Mary’s when she was in the wheelchair swing brought a smile to all our faces too,” Cathy, the Lifestyle Coordinator at Arcare Taigum said.

Mary will definitely be going back to that wheelchair swing again and again!

And next time, we will return with more clients from the residence so that everyone can enjoy this new and inclusive feature at the local park.


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