2 February 2021

International Flower Day 2021

In celebration of International Flower Day during January, the Lifestyle team members and regular craft group at Arcare Maroochydore decided to get creative and make some lovely everlasting flowers to brighten the walls of the community.

Some participants chose to use a beautiful deep purple coloured crepe paper, while others decided to get crafty and make flowers using white paper serviettes. To add some colour to the white flowers, we used different coloured markers to add finer details.

It was really quite a simple process to make these flowers but you wouldn’t think it because when finished because they are so full and beautiful. The purple ones especially, brighten up any space they are added to.

To create your own crepe paper flower, follow these simple steps:

  1. Decide on the colour and material of your flower (coloured crepe paper or serviettes);
  2. Fold the bundled layers of paper in a ‘Concertina’ pattern;
  3. Tie them together in the middle and secure with a piece of florest wire;
  4. Gently separate the layers until they fluff out; and
  5. Admire your hand-made exotic Carnation flower.

At the request of the residents at Arcare Maroochydore, we will definitely be doing this flower making activity again, as everyone who joined in really enjoyed themselves. Some residents had paper roses that they had made in a previous craft session on display in their rooms already and so they decided to take these new flowers to add to their blossoming collection.