27 November 2019

Arcare Kanwal Celebrate International Grandparents Day

The sounds of little feet and voices filled the hallways of Arcare Kanwal as the Little Learners from Wyong paid a visit for International Grandparents Day.

The children made their way into the big hall where the Kanwal clients were waiting for them. As they entered the room smiles appeared on the faces of the clients which was beautiful to see.

They made their way around the room and took a seat next to each of the clients. They asked many questions which the clients were more than happy to answer. Some of the questions asked were how old are you and where do you live?

Together everyone took part in an arts class where they painted small heart shaped ornaments which the Little Learners had brought with them. There was enough for each of the clients and afterwards they took them back to their room to display. Some placed them on their bedside tables and other hung them on their room or from their door.

It was a lovely morning watching everyone interact, some of the Arcare clients do not have small grandchildren so it’s special to see them interact with this new generation and likewise with the little ones who do not have grandparents.

As the morning ended and it was time for the little ones to head off, the clients gave lots of hugs and high fives and thanked them for brightening their morning.

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