9 May 2019

It’s Duck’s Play

Every Wednesday afternoon at Arcare Maroochydore the clients have the opportunity to feed the ducks behind the facility in the and enjoy some well-loved sunshine the Coast is renowned for.

“I hate wearing hats as I lived in Africa for over 50 years and never wore a hat there but if I had to, I’d wear a hat here just so that I can enjoy these walks to the lake with my friends”, Margaret said.

“I just love the fresh air and the sunshine touching my skin,” said Alexia who has lived in Queensland for most of her life and enjoys the outdoors immensely.

Hannah, the Occupational Therapist said that the residents look forward all week to the walks to the lake to feed ducks and they are never disappointed.

“It’s not far to walk and gives us all the opportunity, as a small group, to enjoy the peace and serenity of nature in the Maroochy bushland surrounds.



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