5 August 2019

Joan Harding, her aspiration to fly at 89 years old

This story is written by Kathy Willmington, Volunteer at Arcare Sanctuary Manors

Birthdays often seem to come and go rather quickly and as we age, many of us feel that it is not necessary to celebrate our day of birth with gusto.

Many clients tell me they would prefer not to think about their age and so they prefer to keep their birthday celebrations on the quiet side…

But we try our best to shine a positive light of birthday celebrations and celebrate every client’s birthday in a unique way.

At Arcare Sanctuary Manors, on their birthday, clients are presented with a personalised birthday cake and a birthday song sung by team members. Although, some may feel a little shy at the beginning from all the attention, in the end they always have a big smile on their face.

At the beginning of 2019, Joan Harding celebrated her 89th birthday and we all shared in her special celebration.

Joan had confessed she had a dream to fulfil – she wanted to go up in a helicopter over the Gold Coast with her two grandsons!

The following day her dream came true. She boarded a Sea World Helicopter and went for a private chartered flight, taking in the view of our fabulous Gold Coast and Hinterland mountains.

She shared this experience with her two grandsons and till this day, proudly shares the photos of this great gift her family has given her for her 89th year milestone.

2019 could be your year to achieve a goal – no matter how small or large.

Joan has inspired me along with many others here at Arcare Sanctuary Manors. So thank you Joan, for sharing your birthday gift with all of us and giving us the encouragement to make our dreams come true.

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