14 May 2021

Joan & Siam

Arcare’s Dedicated Assignments is a leading model of care and the most important way we support the development and deepening of committed relationships. We understand that consistency and commitment are key to fostering trusting relationships between residents, team members and families.

The Dedicated Assignments model ensures that consistency is maintained for residents, requiring team members to commit to work regular shifts with the exact same small group of residents, every time they come to work.

Arcare Brighton resident, Joan has developed a close friendship with her dedicated carer, Siam since moving into the aged care residence in 2015.

“When residents move into aged care it can be a big transition for them, but the consistency and routine that Dedicated Assignments provides these residents, I think really helps ease them into their new community. We are a friendly, familiar face.” Siam says.

Over the time they have spent together, Joan and Siam’s relationship has blossomed from that of carer and resident, to that of close friends.

‘I treat her like she is my family.” Siam says. “Joan sees me most days, and over time we have built a relationship- a friendship. It’s because she’s sees me so often, that she has been able to trust me and we have been able to get to know one another. Although Joan’s memory may not be what it used to, every time I come into her room, she always says ‘hello’ Siam from Burma.”

For residents such as Joan, the consistency of a dedicated carer is imperative. Gaining trust and a deeper understanding of the nuances of someone as they grow older, helps residents continue to live with dignity.

Joan has always enjoyed music, with her mother teaching her how to play piano at a young age and Joan volunteering to sing in various community choirs. Through Dedicated Assignments, Siam has been able to develop a deep understanding of Joan and what activities she enjoys.

“Music brings Joan comfort.” Siam says. “Sometimes we will sit together in Joan’s room and just sing together. Joan has a beautiful voice.”

Central to Dedicated Assignments is a holistic philosophy that shifts from mainstream ideas surrounding ageing to a celebration of longevity through nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Arcare’s Relationship-First Approach to aged care focuses on celebrating and supporting old age is not only unique to Arcare, it’s also considered by aged care experts globally to be at the forefront of elder-care.

“Relationships are truly at the heart of everything we do as carers, and Dedicated Assignments has given me the opportunity to build relationships with the residents here at Brighton. As a carer, you need to be able to learn and develop an understanding about a resident’s individual needs, preferences and personality in order to provide the best care. The way to do this is by getting to know them, listening and showing compassion.” Siam says.