2 October 2020

Joy delivered

In September, local community member, Ronit contacted the Arcare Caulfield community to find out how she could make a difference to the lives of the residents during lockdown. Wanting to do something special and positive for the community during these challenging times, Ronit felt inspired to act.

Ronit and her family started by writing letters to residents at Arcare Caulfield, however they felt that there was more that they could do.

“My daughter Zoe, as part of a Bat Mitzvah program, was put in contact with a senior at Arcare called, Leo. They had been writing letters to each other for a few months and one day, I decided to drop one of the letters off at Arcare,” Ronit explained. “In that moment, seeing the residents at the windows interacting with their families and some walking in their front yard, I knew we could do more.”

Hoping to brighten the lives of the residents at Arcare Caulfield, Ronit began brainstorming heartwarming gestures, and finally chose to initiate the Sponsor a Floral Posy Jar campaign, which aimed to gift a posy arrangement to each resident within aged care community.

Partnering with Shlomo Nathanson & Sharon Lowe from CCare and local florist, Pickled Willow Flowers, Ronit put the call out for community members to sponsor a posy jar for $5.

Much to Ronit’s surprise, she received an outstanding response from the community, with campaign raising more than $7,500 in the first week, and with more than 40 volunteers putting up their hands to arrange and deliver the floral posy jars throughout September. “The campaign took on its own life,” Ronit said.

The outcome of the campaign far exceeded Ronit’s expectations, with there now being enough money to fund 1200 posy arrangements for aged care residents, not just at Arcare Caulfield, for other aged care homes in the local area as well.

The Arcare Caulfield community were the first aged care home to receive the heartfelt flowers from Ronit’s campaign, with over one hundred posies being delivered in early September.

The amazing gesture delivered an abundance of joy and smiles to the Arcare community, with many residents shedding a tear as they learnt about how and why the flowers came to be.

The Arcare Caulfield community would like to thank Ronit, her family and the wider Melbourne community for their generosity and thoughtfulness during lockdown.

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