28 September 2020

The joys of turning 100 years old at Arcare Taigum

Recently, clients Lillian Dowling and Johann Lang in our Arcare Taigum community both experienced the joys of celebrating their 100th birthdays!

It was a joyful occasion as Johann got to spend time with his beloved daughter Deborah and her husband Gary.

During their social distancing birthday gathering, Johanna had a wonderful time catching up them and enjoying his favourite prawns for lunch and dinner!

His family had dropped them off and requested that Taigum team members served them to Johann a surprise.

It was without a doubt a rare occasion celebrating two 100th birthday in the same week!

We also celebrated Carman Mifsudā€™s 90th Birthday in the morning.

We wish to congratulate Lillian, Carman and Johann on their birthday milestone!

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