1 October 2020

Celebrating Judith’s 90th birthday at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

Judith in our Arcare Eight Mile Plains community of Patterson recently celebrated a memorable milestone – her 90th birthday!

The initial plan was for her family of 15 to celebrate with her in person, but since lockdown came into place, this plan had to be changed.

Thankfully, Judith and her family were very understanding!

Her family members from Queensland and New South Wales managed to wish her Happy Birthday from outside while others who could not physically visit arranged for a video chat with her.

Judith’s son and his two daughters who live around Arcare Eight Mile Plains had a long, heartfelt window chat and Betty was crying happy tears when she saw her beloved family.

To make the occasion even more special, the Eight Mile Plains team made her a big cake which she shared with fellow clients in the Patterson community.

They also made sure to have a BBQ Day for Judith’s 90th birthday and for the Father’s Day celebration.

Blue balloons are Judith’s favourite so the Lifestyle team displayed them all around the residence for her to enjoy.

The highlight for all was probably the Happy Hour celebrations, along with some joyful karaoke singing led by Lifestyle Co-ordinator Fonzie.

They sang some of Judith’s favourite songs from ABBA and Frank Sinatra.

Ever her happy self, Judith joined in the singing and dancing too.

The Arcare Eight Mile Plains team also presented her with flowers and a special token.

Surrounded by her good friends, Judith’s 90th birthday celebrations ended off with a bang and a very Happy Birthday!

Copies of sequential moments of her birthday were sent to all her family members

Memorable moments from the birthday celebration were also sent to her family members who were very grateful and appreciative of the team’s thought and effort to make their mother’s birthday a special one.

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