18 June 2020

Keeping busy with Ken at Glenhaven

Ken at Arcare Glenhaven loves to keep himself busy with writing notes and getting his paperwork all sorted.

However, it can sometimes be a little noisy and distracting in the dining room with all the background noise.

And when meal times come around, Ken would have to clear his things to get ready to eat and set everything back up again after.

So, to help him with these issues, the team members at Glenhaven decided to assist Ken with getting his own desk and setting it all up in his room.

That way, he has all his documents and stationery with him and he does not need to move them around anymore.

As an added surprise, they also provided him with extra stationery and desk organisers to really make his desk his own.

Ken is enjoying his new desk and being able to work in peace now.

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