9 August 2019

Keeping it real with virtual reality at Arcare North Shore

Arcare North Shore was treated to a wonderful new experience this month when the lifestyle department purchased some wonderful new technology in the form of virtual reality.

The ladies had the opportunity to play with baby pandas on a jungle gym right in front of them!

They then paid a visit to an Indonesian jungle where the baby orangutan orphanage runs tirelessly to save these babies who have come into care.

The cheeky orangutans play on the swings above you while you know you can just reach out and touch them!

“This is just so beautiful!”, Lottie commented.

They also play with you and you feel like they are right in your lap. It’s amazing how real virtual reality is!

“Oh, wow! I can just reach out and touch them!” Nancy said.

Through virtual reality, many of our clients now have the opportunity to virtually step out into the world and have the experience of a lifetime that they may never have the opportunity to do.

It truly is a window into a whole other world!

This up and coming technology brought so much joy to the ladies today and now they eagerly look forward to their next animal adventure.

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