17 May 2021

Knitting blankets for foster children with Maree at Arcare Glenhaven

Resident Maree at Arcare Glenhaven is knitting blankets for foster children with an organisation called Adopt Change.

Maree started to knit at school when she was only about nine years old and she recalled that her first knitting project was a jumper for a school assignment.

Maree’s mum was an avid knitter, so it was no surprise when Maree picked up the skill easily.

Her grandmother was also very good at craftwork and was experienced in tatting, which is an intricate handcraft for making lace.

“It was very hard to do and by the time I was old enough to learn, my grandma couldn’t teach me anymore because she couldn’t see very well,”

During her time at Arcare Glenhaven, Maree has been working on knitting square blankets for ‘Adopt Change’ which aims to improve the lives of children going into foster care.

And the Lifestyle team have been supporting her by supplying wool and various craft items.

These one-metre blankets will become part of the child’s life as their journey through foster homes can be quite difficult.

“It means a lot to be able to provide something they can keep and treasure,”

“Coming from a long line of kids, I know the value of having something you can call your own,” Maree shared.

Maree is already planning her next goal of knitting baby coat hangers for Arcare Glenhaven’s Lifestyle Co-ordinator Chloe who will be going on maternity leave in July.

Over the years, Maree has lost count of the amount of blankets and scarves that she has worked on.

And the Lifestyle team are planning to organise a Knitter Knatter Club with other residents who are interested.