14 February 2020

Knitting for a good cause at Arcare Taigum

After the devasting fires in New South Wales and Victoria, the clients who attend the Wednesday Knitting & Natters Group at Arcare Taigum decided to use their knitting skills for a good cause.

Together, they had decided to help the adorable animals devastated by the fires.

The knitting group have been really hard at work knitting squares for blankets as they work non-stop!

Jenny, our knitting volunteer was help by finding the measurements required for the blankets.

During each knitting session, the ladies would chat to one another, collaborate ideas together and encourage each other’s beautiful handiwork.

They were motivated to finish the squares as they were knitting with a purpose.

The knitters completed two blankets over two weeks and these have now been sent to the relevant organisation.

A display with photos of the clients was also sent to the charity organisation to show them the knitters who have been hard at work.

Everyone at Arcare Taigum, including the clients in the knitting group are very proud of them for being able to use their skills to help others.

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