24 September 2015

Language is no barrier

Despite only speaking a few words of English between them, Kan Jun and Colomba have bonded over knitting.

Kan Jun, from East Timor, would attend the knitting group at aged care facility Arcare Hillside, one of our aged care residences in Sydenham, but not knowing how to knit, she would just sit an observe Colomba and the four other ladies in the group. Noticing Kan Jun’s attentiveness at the knitting group, the Lifestyle Team decided to give Kan Jun a pair of needles and some wool – encouraging her to have a go.

The next thing you knew, Colomba, originally from Italy, had taken Kan Jun under her wing and was teaching how to knit, proving that you don’t need to speak the same language in order to communicate. Together they’ve produced a beautiful bed cover and are now working on the next.

Kan Jun is quite the independent knitter nowadays, but Colomba is always by her side, picking up any dropped stitches and helping out when needed.

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