24 April 2020

Letters and gifts from the community around Arcare Kanwal

Recently, a local boy named Mitchel and his mum dropped off a bag full of drawings to the Arcare Kanwal team.

He told our receptionist Karen that he wanted to give it to the clients to share joy and happiness.

Each of his drawing also came with an Easter egg taped on it for the clients to enjoy.

The children from a local school also sent us a package full of letters from their students aged 4-6yrs old. Each letter had a drawing and a short note attached to it written by the children.

The drawings on the letters were very creative and colourful as it included drawings of people holding hands, flowers, small houses and lots of hearts.

‘The little kids are very creative and thoughtful. Their parents will be proud of them,’ Rose Bandel said.

Before the Easter holiday, the clients responded to the letters they received from the school. Some of the clients even made Easter cards and posters to say thank you for their lovely gift.

The clients were very touched by these kind gestures and it showed us that a simple gesture like writing a letter can brighten someone else’s day.

We could not respond to the little boy named Mitchel as he did not leave any return address for us. So, we hope that this can reach him and that he knows his actions are appreciated by everyone at Arcare Kanwal.

(All items received at the residence were wiped down and sanitised accordingly)

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