4 June 2021

Loads of laughter with Helen and Shine from Arcare Springwood

Helen and Shine from the Laundry team in our Arcare Springwood community ensure the residents’ clothing are in tip top condition and they have loads of fun doing it too.

On their usual rounds delivering freshly washed clothing to the residents, Helen and Shine make it a point to chat, laugh and catch up with them.

One such resident is Joan Eddy who looks forward to seeing them.

“They drive me nuts and if we didn’t have a laugh, we’d go crazy,”

“I get on very well with them and we always have loads of laughter,” she shared.

Helen has been in our Laundry team for two years and her favourite part is meeting the residents, especially Di Pyne.

“We get along really well with everyone but there’s just something about Di,”

Di has limited mobility and communication and is bed bound, so Helen’s visits mean the world to her.

“I take the time to communicate with her and we do little signals to each other,” Helen shared.

And the big smile on Di’s face says it all.

Another resident who they get along really well with is Marlene Brown. Shine even calls Marlene her ‘love guru’ because Marlene has shared some words of wisdom.

“Helen and Shine are very thoughtful and I’m very close to them. Shine is a little gem, she sits and talks to me and we chat about family and life,” Marlene shared.

Shine has worked at Arcare Springwood for ten months and she and Helen get on like two peas in a pod. “It’s nice to work in the Laundry with Helen and we work well as a team,” Shine said.

“I like to clean clothes to my standards and my motto is if you won’t wear it or sleep in it, then you should not expect someone else to,” Helen shared.