24 March 2021

Looking on the bright side of life with Denise Defteros at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

Denise Defteros at our Arcare Eight Mile Plains community enjoys looking on the bright side of life as she battles different challenges in her life.

When she was only fourteen years old, Denise began showing symptoms of muscular dystrophy.

But that did not stop her from living a normal life as she worked as a messenger girl delivering important documents at sixteen years old.

From there, she moved on to work in the Administration department at various legal offices.

“I was a touch typist and I used to be quite fast with my fingers,” Denise shared as she remembered the transition from typewriters to computers.

Always keeping her mind active and her hands busy, Denis enjoyed knitting, tapestry, pottery and painting.

Denise also has a soft spot for cats as she finds that these gentle creatures are good company.

She used to own two cats of her own named Thomas and Ebony.

“Thomas was very naughty; we always had to watch out for him,”

You can still spot photos of her cats, souvenirs from all around the world and her very own handicraft displayed in her suite.

Denise has been in our Arcare Eight Mile Plains community for ten years and at 77 years old, she is still keeping herself busy.

“I do my own thing; I like to read, catch up on games shows and detective shows,”

“My favourite at the moment is ‘Call the Midwife’,”

Besides catching on her favourite shows, Denise also keeps up to date with the news, checks emails and plays games on her laptop.

“I learnt to use a computer at work and I’ve kept it up till now,”

Even though Denise has difficulty lifting her hands and arms, she is always looking on the bright side of life.

“My advice is to be happy and to make the most of what we’ve got,”

“I always try to think positive and it keeps me going,” Denise said.

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