12 March 2020

Spreading the love at Arcare Slacks Creek with a Love Tree

Valentine’s Day is a special time of the year for many at Arcare Slacks Creek , however we understand that it can also be a sombre time for some of the clients who have lost their life partners.

To make Valentine’s Day special for everyone, the lifestyle team brainstormed ideas to support clients who have cherished memories of their husbands or wives.

Soon, the idea of ‘Love Trees’ came about and they got to work setting them up in the café and in each community dining areas.

Each Love Tree featured empty branches where clients, team members and families were invited to write a little note and stick it on the tree for all to see.

It wasn’t long before the trees were in full bloom!

Clients took the opportunity to reflect on the love they shared with their spouses and to also express their love and gratitude to the Arcare Slacks Creek team members.

Team members also made the most of this opportunity to express the love and care they have for the clients, for each other and for themselves.

Clients and families thoroughly enjoyed stopping by the tree to read the sweet and humorous love messages as they made their way around the building.

Some of the notes read:

‘Thank you for all you do for us’
Neveah, client at Arcare Slacks Creek

‘I love every one of the clients’
Ingrid, Registered Nurse at Arcare Slacks Creek

‘I love my husband for the wonderful life he gave me, I miss him every day’
Evelyn, client at Arcare Slacks Creek

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