29 June 2021

Making a family’s traditional gnocchi recipe at Arcare Oatlands

Residents and families from our Arcare Oatlands community celebrated Italian Day with rounds of authentic gnocchi, bocconcini and gorgonzola.

They enjoyed the selection of cheeses with their Italian wines and learnt more about the history of Italy.

While Elia, the daughter of Arcare Oatlands resident Iolanda, prepared gnocchi using her mother’s very own family recipe.

Oatlands’ Lifestyle Co-ordinator Guner shared that there was a great atmosphere in the residence that morning.

And with a number of Italian residents in the community, they understand the importance of celebrating culture and the diversity at the residence.

“The residents and their families were very happy to join in the celebration of their Italian culture because to them, family is everything,”

“And connecting with other Italians in Australian means a lot to them,” Guner shared.

The lifestyle activities at Arcare Oatlands aim to support the residents’ wellbeing and to enable a sense of belonging and continuity through meaningful activities.

gnocchi gnocchi gnocchi