25 May 2020

Making Bee Hotels for bees at Arcare Kanwal

To celebrate international Bee Day in May, the clients at Arcare Kanwal joined together to create hotels for bees, made from plastic bottles, cardboard and brown paper bags.

‘What a clever idea for a good cause!’ client Kathleen Alexander commented.

Firstly, the clients decorated what was to be the outside of the ‘hotel’ by drawing landscapes and various patterns.

Then, they rolled numerous amounts of brown paper bags using a pencil to create the inside of the hotel.

Apparently, these attract all sorts of six-legged creatures such as Australian native bees, ladybugs, crickets and more.

‘It’s great to help the bees as they are endangered,’ client Monica Yerales said.

Once all the hotels are completed, they will be put together to create a hive which will be placed in the garden.

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