24 April 2020

Making bird houses and bird feeds on Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, the clients at Arcare Kanwal decided to make a bird house and some bird seed feed for the birds around the residence.

The women focussed on making the bird seed feed while the Men’s Group got started on constructing the bird house.

‘I can’t wait to see what birds we attract once we have the bird seed in place,’ Margaret Munday said.

Over the past month, the Men’s Group have been busy building and painting the bird house.

Most of the men grew up knowing a thing or two about building when they helped their fathers tinker around the house.

So, building and painting the bird house was second nature to them.

One particular client named Graeme Herington was very proud of his work.

He told Lifestyle Adam that when they were young, his brother would always tease him as he was doing a paint job.

Graeme stated that once the birdhouse is finished, he will send his brother a photo of his handiwork.

Gloria and Amber from the Lifestyle team were on hand to help as the ladies follow the bird seed recipe.

As they put together the bird seed feed, they were sharing their stories about pets they used to have and holidays they went to like the zoo or parks with their kids.

The day was filled with laughter as they all went back to their communities and continued sharing their bird feed-making skills with the other clients.

It was such a hit that the Lifestyle team will have to organise more sessions in the future.

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