17 September 2019

Making new friends at the Waterford Tavern

On September 13th, seven ladies from Arcare Slacks Creek went out for a little treat at the local Waterford Tavern.

They played the pokies for almost an hour and enjoyed every single moment of it.

Their children had lovingly given them some money for this trip.

But it was up to Josie, the lifestyle coordinator at Arcare Slacks Creek to ensure they didn’t spend more than they should!

And it was not an easy task as the ladies had so much fun placing a coin in the slot machine, pulling the lever and watching the screen spin before their eyes.

After playing at the pokies for a while, the ladies had finally built up an appetite for lunch.

They enjoyed a scrumptious yet inexpensive pub lunch that consisted of calamari, beef, chips and a side of salad.

Over pokies and lunch, the ladies chatted and laughed non-stop, constantly sharing stories and making jokes.

The whole tavern was filled with their joyous and infectious laughter!

It truly was a great atmosphere being surrounded by such happy and cheerful friends who are there to support and encourage you.

Despite living in the same residence for years, some of them even made some new friends by bonding over lunch.

Eating together is great way to stay connected with one another.

The time spent at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table enables everyone to talk about many different topics, from catching up about their day to reminiscing about their childhood.

A few days later, the same group of ladies spontaneously met up again for coffee and chats at our residence café and you could just hear their laughter around the residence.

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