30 April 2021

Managing the local theatre at Walcha with Irene at Arcare Warriewood

Irene Lucas in our Arcare Warriewood community managed and owned a theatre in the small town of Walcha.

Walcha is a country town located between Tamworth and Armidale and it was known for its cattle and sheep.

But its local theatre was the place to be on weekdays and weekends.

“Our theatre used to be packed out with hundreds of people and we’d have to get chairs from across the road,”

“On the downstairs level, we could even move the chairs to turn it into a ballroom, it was great fun,”

Irene took over the family business after her parents retired and she managed it for five to ten years.

“I miss being the owner of the theatre; we had big rolls of film and someone would operate it in the upstairs room,”

When the rest of her family moved to Sydney, Irene decided to sell the business and move with them.

The introduction of television also did not help the cinema industry.

But movies are still a big part of Irene’s life at Arcare Warriewood.

She has over 300 DVDs in her collection and her favourites are the classic Western movies with cowboys and Indians.

“I’ve watched many movies in my life, but you can’t ever beat the classic ol’ movies, they just don’t make them like they used to anymore,”

After retiring from the movie business, Irene travelled the world to Asia, Europe and America, and got to see her favourite movies scenes in real life.

“Those were the good ol’ days,”