13 July 2018

Marie celebrates 103

The look on Marie’s face when over 20 kids from the local kinder, Tree House Kinder, rocked up to Arcare Caulfield to celebrate her birthday was priceless.

Every one of the children had on a colourful party hat and celebrated Marie’s 103rd party with balloons, whistles, cake and plenty of noise and laughter.

Marie was delighted to be gifted a handmade sign, pictures they had drawn as well as a gift on behalf of the whole group.

Marie wasn’t the only person to be celebrating a milestone birthday. Anne celebrated her 101st birthday recently and Mavis just turned the centenarian club.

Marie shared with the community her ‘secret’ to living a long and happy life. She commented, ‘I believe in my faith and being happy. I have always been happy and I believe I will make 104.’

Congratulations Marie, and to everyone in our community who has recently celebrated a birthday.


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