12 August 2020

A friendly match of balloon games at Arcare Oatlands

Clients in Arcare Oatlands’ Dementia Community had a wonderful time exercising, playing balloon games and socialising with friends.

The morning activity sparked some friendly competition between the clients and turned the game into a match!

While the clients were hitting the balloon with gusto to one another, the others were laughing and cheering them on to see who could hit the furthest.

After an eventful morning of exciting balloon games, the clients wind down with their favourite cuppa at morning tea in the café.

The clients look forward to relaxing with their friends every week, especially since outings have been temporarily put on hold during the precautionary lockdown.

So far, the clients are enjoying the morning exercises as it enables them to participate in a group activity and stay active as many of them used to play sports in their younger years.

During the balloon games, they were reminiscing their times on the grass, field or court playing sports such as football, tennis and bowls.

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