8 February 2018

Mavis and Ducky

With Arcare Hillside undergoing exciting renovations in 2017, clients have gotten to know the tradies quite well, and some great friendships have formed. Mavis has taken quite a shining to Ducky who has been guiding her in how to work her new TV and phone.

Ducky reassured Mavis that she is doing everything perfectly fine, to which Mavis explained that at 90 years old new technology can be quite tricky.

Mavis missed Ducky during the Christmas break and on his first day back he was greeted with a big smile from Mavis.


Lunch by the lake

There’s nothing better than fish and chips on a hot summer’s day.

The Hillside Community took to Mamsbury Park recently to enjoy lunch by the scenic lake.

What was left of the feast was given to the ducks who were more than happy to taste test.

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