1 June 2021

Meet Didey, the Queen of our Arcare Warriewood community

Ever since she was a young girl, Didey has always been surrounded with stylish clothes and accessories.

And now at our Arcare Warriewood community, Didey can be seen strutting down the hallways in her fashionable outfits, complete with matching shoes and jewellery.

“I’ve always liked dressing up; my mother would buy many clothes for me and my two sisters to wear. She just loved dressing us up,” Didey shared.

When she became a mother raising nine children, she still made the effort to dress nicely.

“My children would see me dressed up all the time; they are all very used to it,” Didey said.

Didey only moved to Sydney recently to be with her children.

But prior to that, Didey was a teacher in the Philippines.

“I taught grade school and the children were very naughty, but when they saw me, they were all very scared,” Didey commented.

Known as the Queen of Arcare Warriewood, her colourful clothes and coordinated outfits are just the beginning of it all.

Didey also does her own manicures and her suite is a true reflection of her personal style.

“If I see something I like, I buy it and I wear it,” she said.

After putting on her favourite red lipstick, Didey is ready to start her day at Arcare Warriewood.

Didey Didey Didey Didey