9 March 2021

Meet Sylvia ‘Rose’ Wickremanayake at Arcare Oatlands

Sylvia, also known as Rose, has been residing in our Arcare Oatlands community for two years now.

She enjoys catching up with her friends over drinks and desserts at High Tea and saying hi to other residents on her regular walks.

However, she considers herself a private person, so she tends to find solace in reading her Bible and video calling her family overseas from the comfort of her suite.

Sylvia herself has travelled to many different countries and even attended a garden party at the Buckingham palace in 1973.

She also taught English in Sri Lanka and completed various religious education courses.

The Pope even sent her certificate to recognise her religious activities for the Catholic community.

Many team members at Arcare Oatlands have described Sylvia as always being nice, cheerful and patient.

“I like to stay positive and be kind to others because we are all human,” Sylvia said.

Sylvia decided to move into our Arcare Oatlands community after her husband had passed away.

Her children invited her to live with them, but she decided that she wanted her independence.

“I feel much healthier and stronger after I came to Arcare, it is my second home and I love the life here,” she shared.