20 May 2019

Men’s group outing to The Strand

The men at Arcare North Shore embarked on the first of many outings aimed directly at their interests on Friday.

They set off towards the strand to a lovely little ice cream café that specialised in every flavour of gelato you could possibly imagine.

While Thomas and Mike enjoyed a ‘mango delight’, Alan had his heart set on the passionfruit, along with Graham.

After a relaxing sit down with the group eating our ice cream and watching the world go by, we took a short walk across the road to Anzac park.

The park borders on the yacht club and the famous Strand Walk.

We gazed at the sight of some beautiful boats and enjoyed the summer breeze on the boardwalk.

We couldn’t go pass the monuments without paying tribute to the Anzac commemorative plaques on the walkway.

The plaques had detailed historical accounts of the brave men and women who fought for us in years passed.

The gardens were the last part of our outing that day and we were all astounded by the beauty of the giant raintrees and the massive roots system of the aging Fig trees.

The men all agreed that this was going to be the first of many Men’s Group outings that we set aside every Friday afternoon for.

These outings and get-togethers are very important to them as it gives the men time away to themselves and the opportunity to do activities that remind them of their younger years.

With this Men’s Group, they also hope to build some great friendships and create some happy memories.



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