26 May 2016

Michelina’s secret recipe

Michelina demonstrated to fellow residents and staff from Arcare Sydenham how to make authentic, homemade pasta following her mother’s recipe. The recipe holds great sentimental value for her as her mother made this pasta every Sunday for the family meal.

She says the secret to a successful pasta is never adding milk to moisten the dough. Michelina was taught that for each person, you need one handful of plain flour and one egg combined to make the dough, adding a splash of water to moisten or a splash of flour to make it dry.

The group was shown how to roll out smooth and thin pasta sheets, something that requires a lot of strength and patience. From these pasta sheets, Michelina demonstrated the different types of pasta that could be made, from ravioli, prince hats to tortellini.

She enjoys eating and cooking pasta for others as it reminds her of her childhood back in Italy. She was more than happy to pass the recipe which she holds close to heart, on to her friends at Arcare Sydenham.

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