23 July 2018

Mind and Body Balance

Residents at Arcare North Lakes are improving their health in both the body and mind through Tai Chi classes.

Tai Chi (T’ai chi chuan) is an art embracing the mind, body and spirit. It is a Chinese martial art which refers to the philosophy of the forces of yin and yang.

Tai Chi can be referred to as an internal exercise for all parts of the mind and body. It can also provide a level of tranquillity and clear thinking.

Our Tai Chi instructor, Nadine, uses the teachings of Dr Paul Lam who is a world leader in the field of Tai Chi for health improvement.

Dr Lam is a family physician and Tai Chi practitioner of over 40 years. He has travelled over a million kilometres teaching Tai Chi.

Our residents can participate in twice monthly Tai Chi classes with Nadine.

There is a small and committed group who attend every class and each class someone new joins in.

This particular teaching, which Nadine instructs, is suitable for residents who may suffer from arthritis.

As with any form of exercise it is encouraged to just do what is manageable.

The benefits can be numerous as Tai Chi has been shown to improve muscular strength, flexibility, fitness, reduce pain levels and improve quality of life.

We are hopeful that with the expertise of our wonderful instructor, the lives of our residents are enriched through their participation in Tai Chi.



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