21 June 2019

Mollie Stevens, the Business Entrepreneur

“We believe that business will go where it is invited and stay where it is well treated.”

Molllie Stevens, client at Arcare Maroochydore, established and owned her own business for many years.

Being a widow and with the need to bring more income into the family, she pulled out her threads and brought exquisite silks and sewed every evening to create beautiful hand-crafted lampshades.

She called her business Liza Lampshades and her business motto reflected her intent on seeking customer satisfaction on all her products.

Mollie worked most evenings and when her business grew, she sourced home workers from her local community of Peakhurst in Sydney.

She would go into the large department stores and show them her beautiful shades and the orders started to flow in.

Shades of all size, colour and range were offered for sale at Myers, David Jones and Farmers and her business grew quickly so much that she had to move it from her back room at home into a factory employing many others to assist.

Mollie’s business boasted that they could reproduce any shade in any colour and manufacture shades from its large range of fabrics and parchments.

She travelled extensively buying silks and satins from America and binding and gold braid from Asian countries to create the lamps that her customers kept coming back for.

“I worked hard and always loved design, colour and texture,” she said. My two children even helped out in the factory after school as their first job experience.”

Mollie attends the Art workshops with Almeta and showed she still has a love for art and design by exhibiting a large range of artwork in Arcare Maroochydore’s recent Art Show.

As a successful businesswoman in her day, Mollie is happy to retire and enjoys dabbling in art and craft without the pressure of having to sell her work and paints or sews most days.

Beading is another favourite activity of Mollie’s and recently, making a bracelet reminded her how rewarding it is to produce an item that can be worn with pride.

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