20 September 2018

Mount Macedon

It was a spectacular spring day for the Sydenham Community to have chosen to take a day trip to the scenic Mount Macedon.

Mount Macedon, an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s CBD, is a popular spot for tourists to enjoy stunning views of the Victorian landscape.

As soon as the bus arrived in town, everyone was eager to get off and breathe in the fresh country air and take in the magnificent view of the mountains.

The group found the perfect spot to stop and take some snaps before heading off to the local café to enjoy morning tea.

For Anna, the trip reminded her of when she used to visit the area with her children. She said, ‘I used to come here many years ago with my kids when they were little.’

Mount Macedon is also a favourite spot for Jessie. ‘We used to walk right to the top to see the cross with the children,’ Jessie told the group.

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