29 July 2020

Music and lyrics with Harrison at Arcare Oatlands

Clients at Arcare Oatlands currently get together every Friday for Cheese and Wine tasting, along with music and entertainment from Harrison.

This week, as clients enjoyed each other’s company, they were delighted to have Harrison Gee, a well-known and loved client at Arcare Oatlands play on the grand piano for all to enjoy.

Harrison has played the piano for all his life and has developed a great love for music.

As he played throughout the afternoon, clients heard and recognised songs which immediately brought back personal memories, thoughts and emotions.

‘Harrison is wonderful pianist and this has brought back to many memories for me,’ a client shared.

Clients also spontaneously began to sing different songs in unison and applauded and thanked Harrison for playing for them.

Harrison himself was also very happy as he was able to share his passion for music with the people he enjoys spending time with.

Photos from the event were taken prior to the preventative lockdown and new aged care directions.

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