26 March 2018

New friends

A group of six from the Arcare Glenhaven Community were delighted to meet their new friends, the local preschool children, for the first time.

Clients enjoyed the grand tour of their preschool, and got to see some of the fantastic activities the children are able to be involved in like feeding the chickens, playing with the goats, riding their bikes on the bike track and painting, just to name a few.

For many, the highlight of the day was visiting the babies room where the clients were able to cuddle with the very youngest at the preschool, with the babies ages ranging from four months to one year. The babies warmed to their visitors instantly, and were noticeably drawn to them.

The Glenhaven visitors were touched to receive a beautiful morning tea put on by the preschool.

Stay tuned for more stories about our new friends.

Arcare Aged Care Glenhaven New Friends 3

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