14 November 2017

Oaks Day

The Arcare Keysborough Community celebrated a bright and colourful Spring Racing Carnival throughout November.
They kicked off the celebrations with a sweep, which Ted and Shirley Poynoton did very well in as nobody came in second or third place.

On Oaks Day, the community dressed up for a glamorous high tea. They shared pink champagne, pink lemonade and indulged in some tasty treats.

It was a double celebration as Bernadine, team member at Arcare Keysborough, was also celebrating her 60th birthday.

Arcare Aged Care Keysborough Cat Lady

Cat lady

A regular on a Monday in the Keysborough Community is Amy, who is affectionately referred to as our ‘Cat Lady’.

She brings in her beloved feline friends every Monday, and while clients enjoy giving the cute cats a cuddle; it is Amy who they love chatting with.

During a recent catch up with Joyce, Amy was presented with a certificate and gift to say thank you for her friendship.

Over a cup of coffee, Joyce and Amy were reminiscing about Joyce’s 89th birthday held at the Lady Lavender Farm in Bunyip.