18 December 2019

Oatlands Client Calendar Project

The lifestyle team at Arcare Oatlands, took on the challenge of pulling together a client calendar in a matter of weeks.

The idea behind the calendar was to celebrate the careers of the clients.

First, they had to select twelve different clients with twelve different careers and who were willing to be a part of the project. Once they had everyone, they had to set up a scene that depicted the client’s occupation i.e. school teacher. This was no easy task as the lifestyle team had to approach the wider community for help.

Thankfully Arcare Oatlands has a strong connection with the wider community and were able to create scenes at The Kings School, The local shopping centre and even local construction sites.

The past occupations consistent of, trucker drivers, teachers, jewellers, builders, pharmacists and more. Those who were involved not only planned outfits for their photoshoot but also informed their families as they were so excited.

One client Renata Somboli, used to be a language teacher and was very happy to go to The Kings School and take photos. On the way she expressed how nervous she was and that she was only a language school teacher and not an actress so it was going to be hard for her to take the photos, but she was addiment that she wanted to do it.

Once Renata was in the room, she took a seat at the front of the language classroom and started speaking Italian to the children in the room, Renata was excited and the nerves had gone. Renata told of her teaching years and the many highlights of her career with a smile so big it went from ear to ear.

Each client had many stories to tell throughout the photo shoots and not only did it make it a remarkable experience for staff but also for the clients. The clients are unaware that these photos are forming the 2020 calendar and Christmas present for all residents at Arcare Oatlands.


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