19 June 2018

New Pizza Chefs at Oatlands

The Arcare Oatlands clients became chefs on International Italian Day, using their cooking skills and creativity to cook up their own pizzas.

Cooking can either be a hobby or a chore – for the Oatlands clients it was a joy to be back in the kitchen.

The clients became quite competitive with who would make the best pizza. So much so, they were racing to get to their toppings before the others!

‘I bet you my pizza is going to taste the best,’ said Arthur, ‘It will be the best pizza I’m ever going to eat!’

Arthur’s wife Kathy joked that his pizza would have weighed 3 kilos with the amount of toppings Arthur added!

Elaine reassured everyone that her 30 years of cooking experience meant she didn’t need any advice in the kitchen. ‘I know what makes a good pizza!’ she said. Elaine also drew a circle in the middle of her pizza to make sure she got to eat her own after baking in the ovens.

Sister Margaret kept it quite that she is of Italian descent, but her quick and attentive pizza dressing showed that she knew what she was doing.

Not only was this a trip down memory lane for many of the Oatlands clients, but this was also special for their families.

‘Families were really touched to see their parents cooking again, as many of them stopped many years ago,’ said Lifestyle Coordinator Nilli.

The clients absolutely loved making pizzas and enjoyed eating them afterwards!

The great feedback has now welcomed cooking activities as a regular event in the lifestyle calendar.

Since International Italian Day clients have also baked and decorated cupcakes and plan to make pizza again, due to popular demand.

Everyone was truly proud of their pizza creations. And so they should be – the pizzas looked delicious!

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