23 November 2018

One of the hottest places in Australia

Yvonne took a moment to reminisce with Petra, lifestyle coordinator at Arcare Maroochydore, about living in one of the hottest places in Australia.

‘Moving to Mount Isa with my parents when I was a young girl was a real adventure,’ Yvonne said.

‘My parents were middle aged when they gave birth to me and I was an only child but I was never lonely growing up in outback Queensland.

‘My father was French and educated in the UK with a degree in Geology so took on a job as a metallurgist in the mines at Mt Isa.’

When asked what a metallurgist does Yvonne explained, ‘Metallurgy is a study of materials, science and engineering that studies physical and chemical behaviour of metallic elements, their inner metallic compounds and their mixtures called alloys.’

‘Metallurgy is used to separate minerals from their ore. Metallurgy is also the technology of metals, the way in which science is applied to the production of metals and the engineering of metals components for usage in products for consumers and manufacturers,’ she said.

‘Basically, without people like my father we would be at a loss for many of the metals we regularly use every day from the fork that we use to eat our meal to the building materials used in where you live.

‘When we first moved there, I do remember the heat but it never really bothered me and I became used to it.

‘We had a lovely home with everything a child would want.

‘My mother taught me how to cook especially her special sponge cake recipe,’ Yvonne remembers.

‘The most memorable thing about Mt Isa is the fireworks that the community would let off on festive occasions.

‘With explosives readily available there were plenty of great firework displays from the Catherine Wheels, Roman Candles as well as sparklers and bangers,’ she said.

‘Bangers were small tubes of gunpowder that after lighting, were thrown on the ground to explode with a loud bang, not unlike a miniature stick of dynamite!

‘These are all now banned from sale as are Jumping Jacks, another Bonfire Night favourite.

‘Once lit, Jumping Jacks lived up to their name by jumping about erratically.

‘I do remember the loud noise of the fireworks which was always very exciting and still enjoy fireworks to this day,’ Yvonne said.

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