17 September 2018

Orchid Society

Valerie was a member of an Orchid Society for many years, and has a passion for collecting interesting varieties of the plant.

Valerie was delighted to run into Anthony, whose family was close to Valerie’s, while attending a garden workshop at the local Bunnings with a group from the Maidstone Community. She hadn’t seen Anthony in four years so the reunion was special.

The workshop, which was attended by around 30 people, gave tips on how to look after orchids; from where to place them in the house to how much to water them.

Valerie’s love for orchids began when her husband bought her one as a birthday gift. She ended up with about 100 in total, all different kinds and colours.

She loves them as she says that you don’t need a green thumb to grow them. ‘They are the most loving plant when they are flowering,’ Valerie said.

While Valerie and Anthony caught up, Wendy and Patricia enjoyed wandering through the nursery section of Bunnings and smelling all the blooming flowers.

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