1 April 2020

Outing to Camp Breakaway with Arcare Kanwal

Clients at Arcare Kanwal enjoyed a lovely morning at Camp Breakaway in San Remo.

Morning tea and coffee was provided for the event along with a variety of sandwiches, cakes and biscuits to go around and share.

‘I’m so full with all the sandwiches, cakes and morning tea that I don’t think I still have any room for lunch!’ client Graeme Herrington stated while rubbing his tummy & smiling.

Some of the clients had fun shopping for their family, with a client who bought a jar of local honey.

‘Another resident went on the last Camp Breakaway outing and told me that the honey they sold here was the best she ever tasted. So I’m getting one for myself,’ client Pam Walsh said.

Another client bought baby clothes for her recent grandchild who was due to visit in the next few weeks.

The clients were treated to music by the local police band who played some classics for them to enjoy.

Client Bruce was lucky enough to pose for a photo with one of them after the concert.

As it was time to go, client Beryl Mcdonald commented, ‘It is good to see other residents from other places and get to meet them.’

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